Oztag is the fastest growing non-contact sport within Australia. Learn coordination skills through tagging, ball handling and running all while having fun in a team environment.

The Full of Life Program is aimed at giving people with disabilities the chance to be involved in this great game. This year we aim to achieve an all inclusive competition that will run for 8 weeks. The competition will begin in May of 2017 and will be run on a Wednesday night at 6:15pm. Through this competition you can create a team with your family, disability and support workers and enjoy the game together. You will still be provided with the support of referees and coaches on the field and will still be engaging in all of the exciting skills involved in the game. 

Benefits of Oztag provides an avenue for people with disabilities and their families to build strong relationships and connect to a wider community that leads to developing a sense of belonging. Many of the leadership, decision making and organising skills gained by people participating in Oztag are transferable to other community activities making Oztag an important incubator of the skills required to sustain other community organisations. Additionally Oztag will provides a sense of confidence, pride and community contribution. An important focus of the Oztag Full of Life program is to connect with disabilities and their families and mainstream communities through their mutual interest in Oztag as supporters or participants.

To Register a team or as an individual please contact Megan on 0488077070 or at rockhamptonjnrs@oztag.com 

Further Opportunities

There are many pathways in which the Full Of Life Program can direct our players. Our Junior and Senior State Cups within a People with Disabilities division is something that we as a Rockhampton community can strive towards. The participation will mirror our existing tournament structure in every way (including participating during “normal” times /days) except that modified rules may need to be applied depending on the participants. Families of people with disabilities will also be invited to participate at all levels of the game including playing, coaching of teams and refereeing. Within this stage the already qualified referees, touch judges and administrative assistants will be employed and working within the tournaments where possible.