Welcome to the 2019 Summer Season of Senior Oztag 






We are now taking team and individual nominations for the 2019 Summer Season!

When: Our Summer season commences on Monday 23rd of September for Men's and Women's, and Wednesday 25th of September for Mixed.

Where: McLeod Park, 85-135 Dean Street, Berserker.

Who: All Individuals and all teams are welcome to join our mixed, men's and ladies competitions.
Cost: $100 per player with a minimum of 11 registered players. Official Oztag shorts are an additional $25 or tights are $35 and are available at the admin area on comp nights.

All you need to do is email us your team name and preferred division and we will set your team up online so you can commence paying your registrations on line.We also have payment plans available. 
Contact: email rockhampton@oztag.com or phone Shane Corley on 0427 391 780 to register

***Wet Weather***

 Please like our Facebook Page to keep updated with all wet weather information.




Step 1 - Log In if you already have an account or click "create account" at the bottom of the screen if you have not registered online before


Step 2 - Click on "I am already in a team"

Note: if you do not have a team to play for, email rockhampton@oztag.com and we will endeavour to place you into a team


Step 3 - select the division and team in the drop down boxes.

If your team is not listed, click "Did not find a team? create one now"

Note: if you email Rockhampton@oztag.com with your teams nomination, we will make sure it is placed on this system for you.


Step 4 - simply click on "Save and continue" as per the above screen and it will take you to your payment page. ALL DONE! 



Mens & Womens
Monday Nights
 McLeod Park
Commences 23rd September 2019

Wednesday Nights
McLeod Park
Commences 25th September 2019
Grand Finals
All men's,women's and mixed grand finals will be played on a Friday night in December 2019. Semi finals will be played on the normal comp night after round 12 and Grand Finals will be played on the Friday of that week. This date will be decided by weather.
Game Times

Men's and Ladies - Mondays at 6:15pm, 7:00pm, 7:45pm & 8:30pm
Mixed - Wednesdays at 6:15pm, 7:00pm, 7:45pm & 8:30pm 
Click on the "Draws & Ladder" link on the top right hand corner of this page for your game time each week.

Season Length
12 weeks of pool games 
Semi's/Grand Final played the week after Round 12 
$100 per player - IF TEAM HAS 11 or more PLAYERS
If there are under 11 players in the team, the individual fee will need to be re-calculated depending on the total number of players in the team to reach the minimum registration of $1100. Eg: If there are 10 players on the team, cost will be $110 per player. 
$25 for Official Oztag Shorts or $35 for Tights.


For General Rules of the Game Click the link to go to the Rule book.



Some rules are specific to our venue. See Below: 

  • Fill-in's - A team is allowed to play with fill-in players under the following scenarios. The team is financial, the fill-in player/s do not create substitutes and a max of 2 fillin players in any 1 team, there is no fee for fill-in players as long as they are already registered to play for the current season on that competition night, players can only fill-in for teams in their registered grade or 1 division lower. A fill-in FEE of $10 is to be paid to admin before taking part in any game. Player must show reciept to the on field referee.
  • Uniforms - We ask that team delegates organise their teams uniforms by round 3, depending on the grade there need to be the same or simular shirts with numbers, A Grade - need to be exactly the same with numbers, B Grade - needs to be simular with numbers (eg: team has had sublimated uniforms made a few seasons ago in a purple pattern, they get a new player and don't have spare uniforms a plain purple shirt with number will be ok) C, D, E and this seasons womens Grades are to be simular and we ask that numbers be placed on these shirts to assist our referees.



Click the link above to view the draw and current ladder for 2019 Winter Season.

Rained Out Games Information

As with every season, we will do what we can to make sure you and your team is given every opportunity to play all rounds of the season when we get rained out.




Can't make the game? 

Check to see how your team is doing by our live online scoreboard.




If your referee is using the live scoring applicaiton on their phone, click above to see the ladder updated immediately after your game.